Rules & Regulations

General Section 

The Contest regulations, hereinafter referred to as “the Regulations”, define the rules governing the participation, organization and celebration of the contest Miss Wheelchair South Africa 2021 organized by Universal Accessibility Hub based in Cape Town, South Africa.

The aim of the contest is to counteract the social exclusion of people with disabilities, change a previous and negative approach of other people towards disability, promote positive models and attitudes in society and, finally, integrate people with disabilities in all experiences globally.

The Miss Wheelchair South Africa contest shows that disability should not define people or determine their identity and shows that a wheelchair is a support for a person with a disability, not a limitation that cannot be overcome.

The mentioned beauty contest was initiated by Miss Wheelchair South Africa in partnership with Universal Accessibility Hub as the preferred partner to organize Miss Wheelchair South Africa. 

The organizer

The contest entitled “Miss Wheelchair South Africa 2021” will be organized by Universal Accessibility Hub, an Non profit organisation registered under the laws of the Republic of South Africa with registration number 197-986


The theme of the Contest is to select the next “Miss Wheelchair South Africa 2021” and award other Contest titles in accordance with the Regulations.


  1. The organizer: Universal Accessibility Hub
  2. The host: Cape Town, Western Cape
  1. Sending Entity / Representative: Non-Governmental Organization with legal personality or Government Entity that works on issues of people with disabilities, and that guarantees the participation of the candidate in the Contest.
  1. The Contest: Miss Wheelchair South Africa 2021
  1. The Finalist of the Contest: Candidate selected by the Selection Committee of the “Miss Wheelchair South Africa” contest to participate in it.
  1. The Candidate: the winner of a provisional contest for women wheelchair users, or an applicant whose endorsement comes from a Non-Governmental Organization with legal personality or Government Entity that is dedicated to issues related to people with disabilities.
  1. The Questionnaire: a personal data form completed by the Candidates who aspire to enter the Contest, along with a video-recorded presentation, photographs (face, half body and full body), and written statements (signed with blue pencil and scanned).
  1. Declaration of the Candidate: Document that declares that it has read the Regulations and undertakes to comply with its provisions. (Signed with black pen and scanned).
  1. Final Gala: a theatrical show during which the next “Miss Wheelchair South Africa 2021” will be chosen.
  1. The Ambassador: She is the winner of the contest performing representative functions during the period of her mandate.
  1. Selection Committee/Judges: They are the people designated by the Organizer to select and complete the list of Finalists who will participate in the “Miss Wheelchair South Africa” Contest.
  1. Validity of reign of the ambassador: Period of time that begins from the date of the selection of the winner and ends until the date on which her successor is selected.
  1. Miss Wheelchair South Africa 2021: The winner who has been awarded the title of Miss Wheelchair South Africa 2021 at the Final Gala.
  1. Province Contest: Beauty contest for women wheelchair users, held in the provinces of the candidates, in which they were selected as the winners..
  1. Trademarks: the combination of word and form “Miss Wheelchair South Africa 2021”
  2. Titles to be awarded in the contest:-Miss Wheelchair South Africa 2021 
    -First finalist of Miss Wheelchair South Africa 2021 
    -Second finalist of Miss Wheelchair South Africa 2021 
  1. The Sponsor: an individual or legal person that supports the Contest financially or in kind.
  1. The facebook page and website: Miss Wheelchair SA and
  1. The Agreement: a cooperation contract concluded between the Finalist and the Organizer under the Regulations.
  2. Contest Term: the period that begins from the date of arrival of the Finalist to the Miss Wheelchair South Africa 2021 Contest until the date of her departure.
  3. Force major: event beyond the control of the parties, caused by external circumstances, unpredictable and unavoidable. Force major in particular means: wars, strikes, natural disasters, pandemics and laws passed by government authorities.

Organizer rights

The Organizer has an exclusive right over the Contest. The rights of the Organizer to organize and celebrate the Contest will not be restricted by the rights of third parties.

The Organizer will have the exclusive right to use the Trademark.

Use of Miss Wheelchair South Africa Trademarks

The illegal use of the Brand by any third party without the prior written permission of the Organizer, or the use of the brand in contravention of the written authorization granted by the Organizer, is subject to liability in accordance with the current legal regulations of the address of the Organizer.

The Organizer may grant the right to use the brand onerous or free of charge, including in particular to entities that hold National Competitions or qualifying.

Rules of Partcipation

 Any woman who meets all of the following conditions is eligible to participate in the Contest:

    1. Over 18 years of age and who has the legal capacity to perform acts in law (and is able to cooperate with other people in a communicative way).
    1. Have an officially recognized disabling condition for which they depend on a wheelchair.
    1. Not have been convicted of a criminal offense and be a person of good reputation.
    1. Have delivered to the Organizer the correctly completed questionnaire, the photographs (face, half body and full body) and a video answering the questions indicated in the announcement for the contest and the written statements.

      The questionnaire, photographs, signed statements, as well as the video must be sent to the Organizer by email at no later than 3 November 2021. 

Applications that do not meet the mentioned requirements in a timely manner will not be accepted.

In case of being selected as a Finalist to participate in the contest, you must bring the following: an evening dress, a traditional costume, a simple white dress, two black leggings that you will bring to the workshops, and several pairs of elegant shoes to match the clothes you will wear, including a pair of tennis shoes. Note: the evening dress and traditional dress will be used during the photo sessions, which will be used in the final gala.


The Contest is open to all women, provided they meet the criteria set out in the Regulations.

The Contest, organized and held by the Organizer, in 2021 will take place in Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa. It will feature the Finalists who have been selected by the Miss Wheelchair South Africa Selection Committee, those who have been selected with preeminence by a national Miss Wheelchair contest.

The Contest includes 2 days of Workshops for the Finalists and the Final Contest Gala.

If several candidates from the same province are nominated, the Organizer will only select one/two of them to participate in the Contest.

The organizer will select only one Finalist per province. Decisions will be made at the discretion of the Selection Committee/Judges.

A maximum of 10 Finalists from South Africa will be chosen to participate in the final of the Miss Wheelchair South Africa 2021 contest.

The Selection Committee will qualify the participants who apply to the Contest. The decisions of the Selection Committee are final.

The Candidates selected as Finalists will be notified immediately about their qualification for the Contest once the Selection Committee issues its resolution.

The Selection Committee will choose a maximum of 10 Finalists from the 9 provinces in South Africa. Only one/two Finalist per province will be selected.

Following the selection of the Contest Finalists by the Selection Committee, a list of the Finalists will be published on the Organization’s website and on the Official Facebook page of Miss Wheelchair South Africa. 

After the Candidates have been notified about their participation in the Contest as Finalists, they must sign a cooperation agreement with the Organizer, an act that will take place during their stay in the host province.

The Selection Committee will not have any remuneration for the services they provide in the organization of the contest and in the evaluation and selection of the finalists.

During the Contest, until the Final Gala, the Finalists agree to participate in all the activities and workshops that take place daily in the host province.

The Finalists will present themselves with three outfits that they have brought to the Contest during the Final Gala, casual, traditional and gala dress.

The Qualifying Jury will select the Contest Winners during the Final Gala.

Participation in the work of the Jury is honorary.

The Jury, made up of 5-10 members, will be appointed by the Organizer.

The Organizer reserves the right to designate representatives of the Host and the Contest Sponsors / Partners to participate in the work of the Jury.

The Organizer will appoint the President of the Jury.

The voting decisions of the members of the Jury will be based mainly on the personality of the Finalists, their ability to win the sympathy of the public, facial features, the ability to move around the stage, grace, mastery of the choreography, comfort with the media, self-introduction, command of languages, and presentation and content of speeches.

The Organizer will establish the agenda of the Jury panel and the procedure to cast votes for each of the Finalists as follows:

-Voting will be done by voting cards: Each of the members of the jury will receive a voting card. Voting cards must not include any details of the Contest Finalists.

-Each presentation of the Finalists is subject to evaluation, so the Finalist can obtain from 1 to 3 points.

-Will be awarded:

3 points to the Finalist selected to win the Contest.

2 points – for the participant selected to be the First Finalist

1 point – for the participant selected as Second Finalist

The remaining participants do not receive any points.

The members of the jury will pass the completed voting cards to the president of the jury within a strictly defined time limit announced by the Organizer during the final gala.

After the vote of the Jury, the President of the Jury will prepare a voting report that will include a list of the Contest Winners who will be awarded the stipulated titles.

The results of the Contest will be announced by the President of the Jury at the Final Gala at the time specified by the Contest Organizer.

Contest titles

The winners of the Miss Wheelchair South Africa 2021 pageant receive the following titles:

  • Miss Wheelchair South Africa 2021
  • First finalist of Miss Wheelchair South Africa 2021
  • Second finalist of Miss Wheelchair South Africa 2021
  • Miss Popularity
  • Miss Photogenic

The fees and expenses of the Contest Candidates.

The Organizer will not charge any registration fee to people who enter their applications for the Contest.

Candidates enter the Contest on their own account, except for the expenses referred to in this section in paragraphs 3, 5, 6 and 7. These expenses will be covered by the Host and the Organizer.

During the Training Workshops for the Final Gala, the Host will provide accommodation and meals to the Finalists.

Any additional costs including the COVID-19 test (PCR), as well as the procedures for passport or visa, including in particular air tickets, travel expenses, health insurance, telephone and other operating costs, will be at the expense of the Finalists and their assistant.

The Organizer and the Host will be in charge of seeking sponsorship for the preparation and promotion of the Finalists’ images.

The Organizer and the Host will be in charge of seeking sponsorship for the photoshoots, hairstyle, face, makeup and promotional materials for the Finalists.

The Organizer and the Host will be in charge of seeking the sponsorship of the specialists in scenic image, including in particular the stylists and makeup artists, and choreographers that are necessary to prepare the performances of the Participants in the Final Gala.


The Organizer may decide to disqualify a Finalist at any stage of the Contest, if she does not fulfill her obligations with due diligence, in particular in case of:

-Insubordination, arrogance, abuse of alcohol or other psychoactive substances,
-Conviction by a court of common jurisdiction by virtue of a final judgment,
-Provide false information or retain any information required in any document sent to the Organizer,
– Failure to sign the cooperation agreement within the period indicated in the Regulations,
-Failure to comply with the provisions of the Regulations and the Workshop Regulations,
– Create and spread a negative image of the Contest or the Organizer,
-A radical change in the image (appearance) of the Candidate, by changing the length and color of her hair, tattoos or piercings, without prior consultation and consent of the Organizer.
-Disqualification of a Finalist will result in: the obligation to pay the Organizer, within 7 days after receipt of the disqualification decision, a contractual fine of R4 000 (four thousand rands) and to reimburse the costs incurred by the Organizer with respect to the Candidate, including in particular accommodation, meals or photo shoots.
-The disqualified Candidate will be replaced by a participant who did not qualify for the Contest due to the limited number of Finalists to participate, or the Organizer may decide to leave the place vacant.

The rights and obligations of the ambassador, and other titles of the contest

  • The title is awarded to the winner for life.
  • Contest Winner’s Crown / Tiara are transitory.
  • The Contest Winners, during their tenure, will wear their bands and tiaras (Miss Wheelchair South Africa 2021 – the crown) at all official public events related to the Contest.
  • In case of doubt about what type of events reference number 3 refers to, the Winners should discuss this with the Organizer.
  • Contest Winners as Contest Ambassadors must represent, create and spread a positive image of the Contest and the Organizer, in public, social networks and through their attitude, including their unpaid participation in the following events:
  • Press conferences, television and radio interviews promoting the winners and / or the Contest (also indirectly).
  • Radio and television recordings promoting the Contest Winner,
  • Photo sessions for the purpose of promoting the Contest Winner, Sponsors / Partners and for other promotional and marketing materials related to the Contest.
  • National Competitions or the Final Gala as guests of honor or members of the Jury,
  •  Charity events and fundraising events indicated by the Organizer, or an entity authorized by the Organizer.
  • The Finalists who obtain one or more titles in the contest, must be willing to follow up on their activities, promoting and motivating more people through their example, and mention the Miss Wheelchair South Africa event in a positive way in their interviews.
  • Contest winners waive their right to control and approve each use of photographs bearing their image, even when their photographs are used in combination with other images using digital technologies.


The Organizer may withdraw the title from the Winner of the contest when she is involved in any of the following situations:

  • Abusing alcohol and / or other psychoactive substances,
  • Be convicted by a court of common jurisdiction by virtue of a final judgment,
  • Non-compliance with the provisions of the cooperation agreement, in particular non-compliance with the right of exclusivity,
  • Participate in another beauty contest during their tenure
  • Radically change your image (appearance), including changing the length and color of your hair, tattoos or piercings, without prior consultation and the consent of the Organizer,

If the Organizer decides that the Contest Winner is not worthy to perform her function due to having incurred in one or more of the before mentioned causes, the Winner must, within 7 days of receiving the Organizer’s decision, return the Crown / tiara and sash, and all prizes awarded, the value of which will be equal to the value at the time of award, and you will be strictly prohibited from using the title awarded to you in the Contest, subject to a contractual penalty of  R8 000 paid to the Organizer for such breach.

Tax liability

The Organizer declares that it assumes all responsibility for withholding, within the applicable time limits, any personal income tax on the prizes awarded in the Contest, as appropriate to the place where the contest is held.

The winner pays any other fiscal obligation in force outside the place where the contest is held, as appropriate to her place of residence and in accordance with the pertinent local laws and regulations.


Once a candidate submits her video and other materials to the Organizer, the Organizer acquires all copyright and related rights to these materials that can be considered as works protected by copyright, this under the protection of the Law on Copyright as per Copyright Act No. 98 of 1978 (as amended) and its Regulations (Section 13).

The winner waives his/her rights to control and approve individual uses of her image, even when her images are used in combination with other images by means of digital technologies.

The Organizer may assign the acquired rights to third parties for the purposes of its activities by virtue of its statute.

The candidates by entering their data in the form of the submitted questionnaires, grant their consent for the Organizer to use their personal data for present and future commercial purposes, subject to the terms established in the Data Protection Law. 

The Organizer may disclose the personal data of the Candidates / Finalists if required by current legal regulations.

Candidates provide their personal data on a voluntary basis and have the right to access and correct them.

The Organizer will be the controller of the personal data collected during the Contest.

Final provisions

The Organizer reserves the right to modify the Competition Regulations, when necessary for reasons beyond the Organizer’s control.

The Organizer will publish the modified Regulations on the website, without the obligation to provide them to the Participants / Candidates of the Contest.

The Organizer reserves the right to cancel, shorten or interrupt the Contest without being obliged to provide the reasons for doing so to the Candidates / Finalists.

The Organizer will not be responsible for any damages if the cancellation of the contest has not been caused by the Organizer or if said cancellation has been caused by a major force.

The Finalists who participate in the Contest undertake to comply with the provisions of the Rules and Regulations of Workshops that are an integral part of it.

All disputes arising out of obligations with respect to the Contest will be resolved by courts with jurisdiction over the Organizer’s registered office.

A framework calendar for the Workshops and the Final Gala

  1. The Miss Wheelchair South Africa 2021 Contest will be held through workshops aimed to empower the finalist over a 2-day period and will end with the Final Gala that will take place in Cape Town, Western Cape.

The display of the combination brand “Miss Wheelchair South Africa”


I acknowledge that I have read. By continuing to use you hereby accept the terms and conditions contained in these regulations and agreements set by the organization Miss Wheelchair South Africa. 

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