Is it “differently abled” or “disabled”? While the exact numbers are difficult to determine, research suggests that roughly 1 billion people in the world have a disability. Considering the vast amount of people that includes, one might say that little has been done to lessen the gap between people with disabilities and non-disabled people because

University Accessibility Hub (UA Hub) is honored to have Ms Lebohang Monyatsi as our first Ambassador for Universal Accessibility. Ms Monyatsi, agreed to be the Ambassador after hearing about the vision and mission of UA Hub. She brings on board her passion for disability inclusion. She has for many years also, by doing what she

Eddie Ndopu is an internationally recognised human rights advocate who has earned his place on the global stage alongside heads of state and Nobel laureates. Born with spinal muscular atrophy and a prognosis at birth that he wouldn’t survive beyond five years old, he is now in his 20’s. He has influenced public policy and