An Inner Reflection on Heritage Day

As a young girl I remember District Six before the forced removals, but as I grew older I heard the stories from my Dad about the forced removals in Sea Point before they found a new, albeit temporary, home in District Six.

For me Heritage Day is about family and the reflection of where we came from and an appreciation of our elders for all the suffering they endured for us to have better opportunities.
I wrote this on 1 July 1997, and now I would like to share this with you:
I am going to turn 28 soon.

My mum passed away on the 18th May 1997 at 05:50AM. She went in the for a heart transplant. She got a phone call on Thursday and the same evening they operated. She passed away on the Sunday morning. I did not think she would – I’ve always known her as a strong person. Not once did it cross my mind that I’ll lose her. There has been so much that has happened that I needed her to come back so that we could talk. I have grieved a lot but now I need to let her go. She had so much love to give – St Joseph’s Home, us, friends, and so many others.
How will I remember my mum? I cannot tell as it is too soon. If anything, I will remember her as a strong, loving, strict, giving person with a smile of gold and always putting us first before anything else, encouraging us to do today and not wait – be independent and reach for the stars.

My Dad (84) and I celebrated our birthdays on 23rd September and I could not be more blessed to have him with us to share his history.

Heritage is about knowing the past that paved your path, and you walking on to reach for the stars.

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