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Who we are

UA Hub was established in 2017 to advocate for and promote universal accessibility in South Africa and globally.


A world where people with disabilities are at the forefront of shaping their own futures, as well as the institutions and policies that affect them.


To harness the power of joint initiatives with key stakeholders for the inclusion of persons with disability as valued and recognized citizens.


We are guided by the universal principles of human dignity, equity, non-discrimination and social justice, and we endeavour to practice these values in all that we do.

Who is UA Hub for?

Intellectually Challenged

Sight Impaired

Hearing Impaired

Physical Challenged

Parent/s & Toddler in a Pram


Universal Accessibility Hub

UA Hub works through collaboration with the public and private sectors to ensure accessibility for people with all forms of disabilities. Sustainable development nationally and globally is driven by inclusive participation regardless of gender, race, disability and age. The South African constitution’s founding provisions highlight values of human dignity, equality and human rights and freedom. To realise the ideal of universal access it is necessary to address the barriers experienced by those left out or left behind.

UA HUB contributes to the deliverables as set out by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and South Africa’s National Development Plan (NDP) with regard to the rights of persons with disabilities.

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#Disabilityaccess #Accessibilityawareness #Tourisminclusion

2022 Campaign

#Disabilityaccess #Accessibilityawareness

Former President Nelson Mandela was an iconic figure who was a key proponent of the rights for disability inclusion. Universal Accessibility Hub's contribution to celebrating his legacy is enhancing South Africa's profile as a champion of #Universalaccessibility through platforms that connect persons with disabilities with services and opportunities.  

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